This One’s for TurtleGirl

Time to play some catch-up. Remember when Ivy died in June? Well, during her many vet visits, I had occasion to notice the orange tabby lounging in the Adopt This Cat cage in the waiting area. I noticed he was gregarious, playful, laid-back, and didn’t startle easily. And he did the same shoulder-roll-flop maneuver that Ivy did to get attention.

During an appointment when it was clear that Ivy was declining, I commented on him to Dr. S. “That’s a cool cat,” he said without hesitation. “If I didn’t have 3 cats at home, I’d have taken him already.” Hmmm.

Meet Reggie:

I’ll admit, it took me awhile to bond with him. I felt guilty about “replacing” Ivy so quickly, but I didn’t want Eddy to get used to being an only cat, and he was solace for the kids. Besides that, he’s got the quirkiest personality I’ve ever encountered in a cat. Don’t get me wrong, he’s awesome. But he’s definitely got his own unique vibe. And except for his persistence in jumping on kitchen counters (which drives my mom nuts), he has integrated beautifully with our family. He’s fearless, relaxed, and tolerant — all excellent things when living with small children and big dogs. So, without further ado: picspam!

Playing with catnip…


I’m learning to play the mountain dulcimer — been practicing since September or so. I’m a bit past Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but far short of this:

The harmonics taps as embellishment around 1:06 make me spaz in geekstacy. And around 2:45… is he bending the bass string to get a 2-note slur? *fans self*

Christmas Busk 2009

Pokermon just sent this to me:

It’s strangely comforting to know that I need never leave my husband for Glen Hansard… because he would come with me. ;)

Happy — yes Happy! — New Year

2010 is going to rock. I haven’t been this excited about an upcoming year in I don’t know when.

We finally sold our house last month. OH YES WE DID. And now we’re starting the hunt for rustic lodging of our very own. Love you Mom, but this Queen is beyond ready for her own Castle.

I’ll do some reviews of last year’s desires and which ones came true soon. In short, life is good. I have good friends, great family, and a rekindled passion for music that has been expanding my horizons in the last few months.

Last year I had Desires, but this year I’m doing the more traditional Resolutions. Improvements in my physical and mental health have given me enough strength to feel Resolve-with-a-capital-R:

1. Be kinder and more patient with my husband and children (especially the children). Over the last few years I’ve finally learned to assert myself, which was a lesson long overdue. Now I’m comfortable enough with the concept (shall we say I Own It?) that I can do so with a gentle hand rather than a baseball bat.

2. Work out regularly. No, really.

3. Get organized. No, REALLY!

4. Quit mumbling and learn to talk like I actually want to be heard. It’s time to accept that I will never be able to communicate telepathically. This one’s for Pokermon.

5. Actually post to my blog once in awhile. Ha ha! Maybe. ;)

Still Around

I know this is old news, but it’s been stuck in my brain all day and makes me happy. So I thought I’d share.

Rejoice and Be Glad!

It’s about damn time!

Sad Kitty Update

Ivy had cancer after all.  She soldiered along in good spirits in between vet visits for about a month, but she declined sharply again this weekend, and I wasn’t at all surprised by the critically low packed cell volume count when the vet did another check yesterday.  Antibiotics hadn’t helped, high-dose steroids hadn’t helped… a bone marrow biopsy would have confirmed it, but what’s the point of going through that pain and expense when there’s nothing to be done?

The clinic staff were very kind, and we had a burial when Pokermon got home.  The kids are handling it really well.

Here’s a picture from back in November of Eddy and Ivy “sharing” the cat tree:

Eddy fills up that whole nest platform by herself these days.  We’ll have to get her another wrasslin’ buddy before she gets too used to being an only cat, or she’ll develop her own gravitational field.  :-p  She’s been very snuggly, and I find it comforting.